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Boeing 777-200 Rolls-Royce Trent, AA 777-200 by wbaiv, via Flickr

) containment shroud around the fan, perforated panels in intake trunk to reduce engine noise, black and white markings on the hub to scare birds away from the path of the oncoming hazard.

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The production of power.

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File:Fan blades and inlet guide vanes of GEnx-2B.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

Carbon fiber fan blades with titanium leading edges and inlet guide vanes on GEnx.

Visual Sweetness — knikym:   Rolls-Royce CTi Composite Fan

Rolls-Royce aero engines - Composite Blades on the Trent Rolls-Royce UK generates annual sales of around billion.


Rolls-Royce's latest Trent 700 engine to power Airbus Regional aircraft - Aerospace Technology