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Mission Apollo 16 on the Moon, dates: April AstronautCharles Duke photographed collecting lunar samples at Station No explanation has been given for the object seen behind the astronaut.

Colonias espaciales

In the NASA scientists studied the possibilities of building giant space colonies. See how colossal space communities would work.


n-a-s-a: “ The Majestic Sombrero Galaxy Photo By: NASA Hubble Space Telescope ” ~This is why I frigging LOVE space. Your understanding of spatial positioning is irrelevant in space. Space is the OG BAMF.

35 #Facts About #Space That Will Blow Away Your Freaking Mind - Youth Connect #SpaceFacts

Solar System Scale: Third Stone from the Sun, We Are! The Sun Mercury Venus Earth Mars Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune

l'une des rare photo de Neil Armstrong, le 21 juillet 1969 sur la lune, près du module lunaire, prise par Buzz Aldrin qui portait l'unique appareil photo. Armstrong nous a quitté le 25 août 2012, suite à des complications chirurgicales cardio-vasculaires à l'âge de 82 ans

Emerging Space Race: Could The New Space Race Boost Commercial Space Flights?

The Milky Way!

Okay, okay, I know, this is like my third post of outer space. but this is a storm on Jupiter. Not a storm!

thedemon-hauntedworld: “Simeis 147 (Spaghetti Nebula) and Sh2-242 Simeis 147 (Spaghetti Nebula, or Sharpless 2-240) is a large supernova remnant in the constellations of Taurus and Auriga. It’s a...

Simeis 147 (Spaghetti Nebula) is a large SN remnant in the constellations of Taurus and Auriga. It is the result of a SN explosion about years ago, it is 3000 light years away and about 140 light years across.what's your spaghetti policy?

March 3, 1969: Launch of Apollo9 from KSC LC-39A carrying McDivitt, Scott, Schweickart, CSM Gumdrop & LM Spider.

On March Apollo 9 launched carrying astronauts James A. McDivitt, David R. Scott, and Russell L. The mission was the first crewed flight of all Apollo lunar hardware in Earth orbit and the first test of the lunar module in space.

Apollo 11 turns 45: A lunar landing anniversary retrospective | Ars Technica Approaching the pad at Baikonur. Visible at bottom are the flame trenches that would channel the first stage's thrust plume.

Apollo 11 turns 45: A lunar landing anniversary retrospective

"The (Nositel Rocket for the soviet manned moon program.) main engines - the Saturn V had just Thinking about whether our time travel vehicle will have hints of the appearance of typical space travel (Cora Clarke for TT Brief)

Hexagon Base Discovered On Moons Surface

Hexagon Base Discovered On Moons Surface, Oct 2012 Photos.