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How To Glitter Ornaments

How To Glitter Christmas Ornaments - this is the BEST glitter glue to use! Perfect for handmade ornaments & DIY gifts.

How fitting for the republican party Trump, a leader that typifies their base of racist bigots.

A Racist, Sexist Lying Con Man Sits Atop The Party Of Lincoln

Donald Trump's campaign unveiled Saturday a modified version of its Trump-Pence logo after the original graphic drew a lot of unintended attention.

Making time for exercise

Interesting quote If you don't make time for exercise, you'll probably have to make time for illness. Thank you for the reminder!

Deal with it. I saw eight years of memes bashing Obama. No President is immune from criticism, no matter what your Dear Leader would like you to think.

I saw eight years of Republicans relentlessly bashing, obstructing, disrespecting and trying to destroy President Obama. If "president" pussygrabber is so upset, he has no business being in office.

41 Truths People With PTSD Wish Others Understood

41 Truths People With PTSD Wish Others Understood

Some days are worse than others, but those good days don’t mean we’re ‘better’ or ‘over it.