Arthur Rackham; Iris, the messenger of Hera and Goddess of the rainbow.

Milton’s Comus, 1921 Illustrations by Arthur Rackham Iris there, with humid bow


‘When the storm threatened to burst on their heads, she uttered a laughing reproof to the clouds. “Come, come,” saith she, “look to it that you wet us not.” Illustration by Arthur Rackham

Iris, Goddess of the Rainbow

The Mythic Tarot - Illustrator Tricia Newell - 1988 Cards: Page of Wands, The High Priestess, Temperance, The Sun.

The seal-folk of Scotland and Ireland are variously called selchies, selkies, silkies, or roanes.  Selkies are said to live as seals in the sea but shed their skin to become human on land. They are said to have been humans not evil enough for Hell, yet not pure enough to enter Heaven, and so were banished to the Sea.

little-miss-melancholy: “ Arthur Rackham “Undine” “Soon she was lost to sight in the Danube” (detail) Arthur Rackham (English, leading ‘Golden Age’ illustrator. “Undine” (novella) by.

Sabrina fair / Listen where thou art sitting. “Comus” (1921) illustrated by Arthur Rackham

ART & ARTISTS: Arthur Rackham "Sabrina fair listen where thou art sitting." 1922 from 'Comus' by john milton

"The huntress Diana". ART & ARTISTS: Arthur Rackham – part 8

liquidnight: “ sealmaiden: “ Arthur Rackham The Huntress Diana Illustration for Comus by John Milton ” ”

1906 ~ “Put his strange case before old Solomon Caw” from J.M. Barrie’s “Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens”

figure Peter put his strange case before old Solomon Caw. Arthur Rackham, Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens


Arthur Rackham: Rip van Winkle, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens, Undine, The Ring of the Niblung Remember his illustrations from some of my favorite fairy tale books from when I was little.