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leseanthomas: “Studio Bones legendary animator YUYTAKA NAKAMURA Sword of the Stranger pencil tests to finals & illos.

@彩色铅笔动画 原画序列分享,P2为动图...

A storyboard of what looks to be an entire scene. It shows every action and movement that will be conducted. A very good reference for animators doing action.

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Bahi JD - Artist Interview Part I

Bahi JD drought I did this little cut for a friend's music video (animation MV) IA x JIN


Art director, character designer, visual development artist, available for.

C35- animation作画:  Bahi JD バヒMy animation works for Koji Morimoto’s 『A Better Tomorrow 』scene.Production: phy/KojiMorimoto

animation作画: Bahi JD バヒMy animation works for Koji Morimoto& Better Tomorrow 』scene.


Spacing Explained

Ah Fai was a chief animator for McDull’s animated features. Previous post on breakdowns right here Some thoughts on acceleration and force I presented this in.