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Fringe Fans unite! It's Olivia and Fauxlivia by Nan Lawson

Olivia/Fauxlivia My Fringe print for the Gallery 1988 Bad Robot show which opens this Friday.

Peter and Walter, father and son.  Fringe--best tv show ever!

I love how they're relationship develops. Peter heals so much, and so completely forgives Walter. And Walter heals through Peter's forgiveness.

Walter Bishop (Fringe) by BetweenAsleepAndWake. Jake & I loved this show. I would love to draw this myself.

Fringe cast, in pencil by BetweenAsleepAndWake on DeviantArt <-- The person who did this is so good It completely does the actual picture justice!

"Am I required to keep him alive?" The Ghost Network 1x03

“The Ghost Network” – Oh, Walter, Walter.

Inspirations<<<that is really cool! I love seeing where some of these things come from.

Historical inspirations for Queen Padmé Amidala's refugee dress (top, right, from Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones) and her Galactic Senate dress (bottom, right, from Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace)