Andre Kohn [Image: Painting of a woman in a red dress and black heels carrying a white umbrella and walking down a rainy street. The other figures in the background are painted in browns and greys to.

"Pour la Vie" by Andre Kohn

Figurative Paintings by Andre Kohn

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Andre Kohn is a figurative impressionism which seeks to capture the complexity As well as the simplicity and directness of the human form. “I’m seeking my

Sisters Giclee 30" x 30" Limited Edition Print http://www.andrekohnfineart.com/

Love this painting. Sisters by Andre Kohn . I love this as it really symbolizes how sisters find shelter amid a storm with their sister's support.

Artist  Emerico Toth Hungary

Artist Emerico Toth Hungary

Vintage Chanel, series #63, Oil, 24" x 10", Andre Kohn  www.andrekohnfineart.com

This is a great example of emphasis because your eyes directly go to the red dress. It is clearly the main focal point, because everything else has a similar, bland feeling and the dress is a pop of color.

This black and white picture was pretty awesome! Loved how the lights made the person walking down more like a shadow than a person,. So a walking shadow is occurring.  i

Street Photography magazine

Black and white street photography in the rain of a man holding and walking with an umbrella