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Cool Idea: Trampoline Tent

Best backyard camp out ever! ***Trampoline tent*** Where was this when I was a kid! Always wanted to sleep outside on the trampoline but it was too cold at night without a tent!

Camping Tent

56 Cool Camping Shelters

56 Cool Camping Shelters - Innovative Tents & Caravans, from RV Bikes to Steel Sanctuaries - Camping equipment companies have begun to design products that will make even the nature hater want to spend a night under the stars.

I would definitely use this!

The ultimate auto safety device . includes an automatic glass breaker, seat belt cutter, panic button/personal alarm, flashlight & emergency flasher. It also has a digital tire gauge & thermometer & it glows in the dark!

Cool-inventions-and-gadgets-034 | FunCage

This is awesome! Get these seat hammocks for car camping - 41 Camping Hacks That Are Borderline Genius

with WiFi

Solar Tent for high-tech campers Futuristic concept tent can harness solar energy to provide electricity to portable gadgets. Orange, utilizing cutting edge technology in solar harnessing PVs, has reveled new updated Solar Concept Tent.

Awesome!! Just load it with blankets and pillows and watch the stars! YES! NEED!

Truck Bedz Air Mattress, Truck Bedz Mattress, Truck Beds Air Mattress Mestel Hardin to go with the truck tent!

This MP3 player is in the form of a bracelet or bangle, hence the name. It features a multi-touch track pad so you can control your playlist." data-componentType="MODAL_PIN

iBangle -iPod running bracelet with wireless headphones. This would be cool if it existed

Heated Ice Scraper... After trying to scrap off the sheet of ice on my car last Friday, this sounds like an awesome idea!

Heated Ice Scraper @ Sharper Image - For Mom and Dad when they move back to MI

I would so love to have one of these.  I wish I knew where I could buy one at.

Kamp-Rite Midget Bushtrekka Bicycle Camper Trailer with Oversize Tent Cot

THE LAUNDRY POD, combines spinning and water-management to wash small loads of clothes. It saves water, energy, and trips to the Laundromat. Intended for small  loads (8 - 10 items), POD's spinning action washes, rinses, and extracts water to improve drying times. No need for a water or electrical hook-up; it works well in a bathroom, kitchen, laundry room or for camping trips. If eco-friendly soap is used, the water can be reused for watering plants or flushing toilets.

Laundry POD: RKS Inspires a New Way to See Green

Laundry POD - let's you wash small loads of laundry without electricity or water hookups. (Not for backpacking but an interesting camping luxury)

Lifestraw turns any kind of water into drinking water // A true lifesaving product, awarded invention of the year by time magazine #product_design

A true lifesaving product, awarded invention of the year by time magazine Lifestraw purifies water to The filter can purify 1000 liters before it has to be changed.

Eaten By A Bear Sleeping Bag because that wouldn't freak you out when you wake up.---- Dude! I could totally scare somebody by making them think there's really a bear there! =) I do know some gullible people. =) L.O.L. =)

I never want to camp and sleep on the ground again, but if I do. I want this sleeping bag. Eaten By A Bear Sleeping Bag

Tree tents…it must be.... in-tense?! Hahahorf. But seriously, i would be paranoid of the bottom tearing in the middle of the night

Funny pictures about Tree tents. Oh, and cool pics about Tree tents. Also, Tree tents.

Behold... The Tent You Hang from a Tree. And I want one.

The Netted Cocoon Hammock - how awesome wld this be? Can lay in the backyard minus the bugs

SHUT THE FRONT DOOR, its an insulated igloo to camp IN THE SNOW. IM STOKED | best stuff

Winter camping is the best! Bug free and I love being chilly and snuggling with tons of blankets! This igloo would be amazing to have for cold weather camping.