No sé como chucha existen personas que dicen que es feo >:c si es lo más lindo del mundo ;u;

This boi deserves lots of LOVE and KISSEU! << I wish he would see more of these kinds of posts so he could see how much he is adored, and truly respected.

Hahahahahahaha, I can see why this pictures are powerful weapons, especially if he is ur ultimate bias 😭😭😂

Omo this chirpy cheerful i would love to wake up next to him & have a HAPPY morning!

Look at this pure ray of sunshine, he can always lift my mood.

Just give him the love he deserves and thats all is simply enough for Hobi :)

This man needs respect and love from ARMYs. But some ARMYs just isolate HOBIE and brush him off like dust on their shoulders. Respect our sunshine, before he disappears.


Ok I'm realizing I'm pinning a lot of hoseok. I think he's my bias. all of Bangtan are so amazing and beautiful. how did I get a bias?

I will never not remember that one post with the pic of hobi with braces and the caption saying "no wonder he has teeth straighter than himself" istg I piss myself whenever I see that

Hobi is beautiful and I'm willing to fite anyone who says otherwise

HOBI IS TOO PRECIOUS (ARMY we need to support hobie, he is beautiful inside and out and we need to help him recognise that)

All his goals are achieved! I am so proud aww i love him a lot proud me of him

All his goals are achieved! Congratulations Yoongi Oppa 💙💜 you deserve this and


Can y'all just appreciate this human that I refuse to stop calling my bias just because he's an amazing person even though I have a hardcore crush on Jimin

I've seen one of those with taekook too

I feel like it's more of a,"son looks like mother" kind of thing but whatever xD

Aww love love love

My hope~ My angel~ you did an excellent job, and I'm still not done clapping for you.

Flawless in all aspects and if u don't agree toodaloo (I will make some exceptions)

Flawless in all aspects and if u don't agree toodaloo (I will make some exceptions) //BTS- Don't agree? I might slap a bitch as well