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They call me Mr. Handsome

A rooster, also known as a cockerel or cock, is a male galinaceous bird. The term usually refers to a male chicken. Immature male chickens less than one year old are called cockerels. This rooster is from Riverdale Farm, Toronto


Chicken Pictures & Photography from My Pet Chicken - A Bantam Splash Cochin Pullet

chicken coop designs

37 Chicken Coop Designs and Ideas [2nd Edition]

Delux Chicken Coop: this is the cutest! Very cozy chicken coop. I'm not entirely sure if it's authentic or if it's a children's play house. Either way it would makeshift as a lovely summer guest house if extra space was needed.


Close up view of a crowing rooster- handsome fellow! The best alarm clock…

from Dark Brahma Hen, a book of chicken portraits by photographer Stephen Green-Armytage.

"That, sir, is an extraordinary chicken!" Dark Brahma Hen, from Extraordinary Chickens, a chicken portraits book by photographer Stephen Green-Armytage

Ooooook-la-homa, where the wind goes whipping through the plains.uh, er, umm, cock-a-doodle-doo!

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A fun way to liven up your home decor are with these chicken glamour shots by photographer, Clay Walker.

Give Me The Crayons

Give Me The Crayons

malformalady: “ A Silver-Laced Sebright Bantam hen. There are two types of Sebright bantams; the gold-laced and the silver-laced bantam. The former have, as their name indicates, a pure golden color;