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lilithsplace: “‘The Moon Journey’ - John Caple (b. 1966) ”

lilithsplace: “‘The Moon Journey’ - John Caple (b.

Australia Architecture | Interesting Shots

(Orbis Apartments, Melbourne, Australia, ARM Architecture) Is it me or does this building look like there are bites taken out of it?

Louisa Boyd

Work in progress - artist's book 2012 - detail by Louisa Boyd, via pet girl boy

chasingtailfeathers:  René Wiley  -  Reflections in The Alley, 2012 Oil on Canvas, 36 x 18

René Wiley - Reflections in The Alley, 2012 Oil on Canvas, 36 x 18 Love this artist from Galveston, Texas

Fugitive Mirage - Anne Moore - √ - I print in layers, first developing texture, then embellishing the surface to find some focal point and create balance. For me, printmaking is an intuitive experience, a work of discovery. I don’t begin with any end in mind. Every layer is a problem to be solved. Each print seems to take a life of it’s own and it’s hard to keep a series, an intentional set of prints, together.

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Anne Moore - Fugitive Mirage galerie TACT // art contemporain & new media // fresh artiste

Yarn Bombing Street Art

Interdependence Tree Project in Huntsville, Alabama by The Dream Rocket Project. Trunk-wrapping for live trees for a long period isn't good them but there's a dead tree at Talkin Tarn if you've wrapping ambitions.

a place to make art

Would love to incorporate ideas from this into an art studio area in 13 year old artist's room (via Styling Love / Anne Tholstrups studio)

Ok, not exactly something I want in my knitting repertoire, but really pretty amazing pieces of knitting!

Demonic Winter Masks

Wir Sehen Kühe, yarn, 2012 Brutal Knitting by Tracy Widdess