Places in Paris-Ladder as a plant stand and other goodies at Bluet Coquelicot - Paris, France

flowers for all http://markdsikes.com/2013/04/08/liberty-and-florals-for-all/

Flamant Flower Shop, Paris Love the way the flowers are displayed in baskets.I would want my shop to look just like this!

Florist in Ile St. Louis, Paris, France

Florist in Ile St. Louis, Paris, France

French flower shop

We can all learn from Parisian flower shops. Make your shop inviting, always have fresh flowers on your doorstep. Oh, and smile and dazzle your customers with your bouquets. They have amazing photos of their biz, too.

Quaint little flower shop | France Day 3 - Museums and Cafe du Marche

Au Nom de la Rose, Paris This was right across the street from our apartment on rue du cherche midi. I bought roses here often - they're gorgeous!

Rue Cler flower market, Paris

RUE CLER FLOWER MARKET ~ pick a color, or two or three! The freshest flowers are an added plus to the Rue Cler market street, lined with every kind of food shop imaginable