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Seasoned seaweed (Doljaban-muchim) recipe -


I'm Maangchi! My channel is all about cooking, eating, and enjoying Korean cuisine with your family and friends. Cooking wholesome and delicious food and.

Homemade fish cakes (Eomuk: 어묵)

Homemade fish cakes (Eomuk: 어묵)- This looks pretty easy with common items in any Korean / American kitchen. I'll be over this weekend!

Seasoned tofu pockets stuffed with rice (Yubuchobap) recipe -


Recipe: Seasoned tofu pockets stuffed with rice / 유부초밥 / Yubuchobap (or Yubu chobap, yooboochobap)

Cold eggplant soup (Gajinaengguk: 가지냉국)

Gajinaengguk (Cold eggplant soup) It sounds weird, but it's so delicious in this hot weather.