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#Chevrolet en CES2014 anuncia que contaran con tecnología LTE4G. Apps  como diagnostico de vehículo,rutas,clima y radio dentro de sus beneficios. #Herramientas para su #vehículo en Mundial Productos de #Calidad con Reconocimiento #Mundial  Chevrolet will have #LTE4G technologie in their #cars. #Apps like Weather, car diagnostic and more will be available

Chevrolet colloquially referred to as Chevy, is a brand of vehicles produced by the American corporation General Motors (GM). Originally founded by Louis Chevrolet.


Yeah but I bet a Toyota can go threw any mud pit better than any chevy ford dodge or gmc plus you can beat the crap out of Toyota's and they will still last forever. Meanwhile Fords are found on road dead and fall apart not even halfway threw a mud pit!

I saw this image this morning and had to share it with our AWESOME fans!!! :) -Ryan C  www.lingenfelter.com

"Name something faster than a Mustang." Will never tire of Family Feud humor.


Ma- Ma My Mama says that Ford owners are ornery because they got all them car payments and got nothing to drive