C733 'Daimyo' Landmate

So, this was going to be an entry for the 'What a girl wants' MOCathlon category, but miniland-sized figs are hard and I misremembered thrather than the If contest runs for t amount of time, I'll have my entries finished in amount of time.

Mech hanger

Months in the making (due to chronic procrastination), I have spent the last few days as a hermit, only emerging from the quarry to search for food & to scuttle to work when the sun sets.

Gundam Red Sword Musha: A LEGO® creation by Devid VII : MOCpages.com

Musha Gundam are Gundam units modelled after samurai, ninja, or other forms of feudal Japanese warriors. I wanted to continue on the line of my mecha like my Gundam Arbalester,Seraphine III and Hammer Judge but with something like a Samurai

Brickshelf Gallery - 02.jpg

Brickshelf Gallery - 02.jpg

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