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Maria Antonieta

Marie Antoinette en chemise by vigee

Scala Regia: Hameau de la Reine --Marie Antoinette dressed as a shepherdess.

La reine en gaulle, by Elisabeth Vigée-Lebrun, 1783

Fashion Icon and Actress Mary Robinson as Perdita (1782) by John Hoppner.

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John Hoppner "Mary Robinson as Perdita", 1782 (Great Britain, Romanticism, cent.

Marie-Antoinette, 1783, by Elisabeth Vigée Le Brun.

Marie Antoinette by Louise-Élisabeth Vigée Lebrun

Marie Antoinette as Queen. Prolly around mid-1780s

Miniature of Marie-Antoinette en gaulle The Swelle Life continues the tour of Marie-Antoinette's "country house" Petit Trianon wi.

I’m no expert but I am guessing a date of circa 1780-4 judging by the lady’s dress and hairstyle, which narrows it down to quite a few possibilities, including the Duchesse de Chaulnes, Marie Antoinette’s lady in waiting, who was painted in 1781.

Unknown lady, but such a pretty portrait by Elisabeth Louise Vigee Le Brun…

Robe à l’Anglaise COSTUME COMPONENTS FOR WOMEN: 1730-1760

the classic portrait by Vigée-LeBrun

art and painting image

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Marie-Antoinette en chemise ou en gaulle, vers 1783 peinte par Elisabeth Vigée Le Brun

louise elisabeth vigée le brun, marie-antoinette en chemise ou en gaulle, c.

Marie Antoinette par Euryale de Côme

Marie Antoinette with her two sons, Louis-Joseph and Louis-Charles. Please choose vegan

Marie Antoinette

Louise Elisabeth Vigee Le Brun, Queen Marie Antoinette of France,

fripperiesandfobs:  Portrait of Anne Rodbard, Mrs. Blackburne George Romney 1787-88

George Romney (English, - Portrait of Anne Rodbard, Mrs Blackburne,

Marie Antoinette, 1775 by Jean-Laurent Mosnier

Queen Marie Antoinette, Mosnier, Photo: Christie’s/Private Collection.

Aquí con su parejita...

Marie Antoinette and Sons

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portrait of georgiana, duchess of devonshire and the infamous "picture hat" by thomas gainsborough.

La Reine Marie Antoinette

Not sure if this is actually a painting of Marie-Antoinette, but it's beautiful nonetheless.