One of my favorite Rockwells. Spring Flowers by Norman Rockwell

A rare "still life," Norman Rockwell's Spring Flowers was originally a 1969 illustration for McCall’s. The artist was commissioned to paint a series of pictures of seasonal flowers, but he only completed the first.

Music Lesson by Norman Rockwell

Symbolism: The grandfather represents the family staying together. He unifies the family with the grandfather was happy because he kept the family together.

Writing in diary

Diary - Norman Rockwell [My first diary and best Christmas present I ever got was a Norman Rockwell diary. This picture was on the cover. It had virtually all of Rockwell& girl-centered art throughout, threaded by a beautiful poem.

Family Home from Vacation - Norman Rockwell

"Home from Vacation" Saturday Evening Post Cover, September Giclee Print by Norman Rockwell

Attic Memories by Norman Rockwell #art Sadly, this will be me, soon and 1) I don't look that good and 2) my stuff's not that cool. May have to "create" some better "memories" at yardsales and flea markets so the great-grands won't be disappointed one day.

Attic Memories Norman Rockwell (American, Oil on canvas. The present work was originally painted as a cover illustration for a 1925 Montgomery Ward catalogue cover.

The most gorgeous image out there in my mind. 1920, Norman Rockwell's "Crackers in bed".

Crackers in Bed, 1921 © Norman ROCKWELL (Artist. USA, Boy reading in bed with a sleeve of soda crackers.

Norman Rockwell

"At the Optometrist" or "Eye Doctor" Saturday Evening Post Cover, May - Norman Rockwell - Posters, Affiches d'Art