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Butake Wooden Pixellated Lounge Chair by Raúl Téllez Herrera

Rotation of faces of the ICOSAHEDRON (wire-frame, perspective projection, full-res)

visual study of geometry

circling lines (work in progress)(inspired by this; my code here)

circling lines (work in progress) (inspired by this;

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rotating cubes joining and separating to form mandala / sacred geometry


These GIFs Based On Geometry Will Blow Your Mind

Digital artist and physics Ph. student Dave Whyte is surprising our computer screens with his hypnotizing GIFs that are the ideal union of mathematics and art. Whyte shares his excellent,

Geometrías en formato GIF para recrear una naturaleza hipnótica

Stockholm-based cross-media artist Erik Söderberg created a series of geometric GIFs titled ‘Fractal Experience – Part

tumblr_o9hb6gheCw1r6xm5co1_1280.gif 720×720 pixeles

Every moment counts. Every action counts. A single kind act can have a positive impact on the future of many others you share the earth with.


Cooler than a pool in a blizzard.

gif love beauty Cool beautiful lsd acid psychedelic crazy colors nice 3D love it vibe psy psicodelia

gif love beauty Cool beautiful lsd acid psychedelic crazy colors nice love it vibe psy psicodelia

the gif animation thread - QBN

#Psychocrazy : Foto

I like the way this GIF appears to be coming towards you. I haven't come across many GIF's or animations that are of a character being forwards. The use of black and white indicates shadow and light very well.


A collection of observations and creations by Mr & Mrs Alderson.

Honeycomb Mantra

Honeycomb Mantra

Hipnotizantes GIFs Geométricos Hechos Con Processing | The Creators Project

Hipnotizantes GIFs Geométricos Hechos Con Processing

Dizzing Geometric GIFs by David Whyte with Processing

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Gifs - Geometric & Patterns , animated gif gifs hypnotic trippy via Filling My Soul with Love & Beauty