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Saharauis en el campo de refugiados argelino de Tindouf.- El Muni.

PASSIVE VOICE: The Sahrawi people of Western Sahara have been waiting for a self-determination referendum for four decades. They will wait longer due to the passivity of the international community.

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Morocco - Er Rachidia - Lonely camel in Merzouga Sleeping Giant upon it's own power and predetermined by developing human intellect

Mohamed Messara/European Pressphoto Agency  Refugees at a camp in Western Sahara. Thousands more have fled to Algeria to escape a war that has gone on for three decades.

Western Sahara’s Conflict Traps Refugees in Limbo

Western Sahara - Algeria, Cuba Reaffirm Sahrawi People's Right to . Algeria and Cuba reaffirmed Tuesday their support to the United Nations' efforts aimed at achieving a “fair” and “lasting” political settlement to the .

market El Aaiun

Green March Plaza, El Aauin, the capital of Western Sahara

Despliegue patriótico marroquí en el Sáhara Occidental para celebrar el 40 aniversario de la… - YouTube

Morocco stands fast on Western Sahara development plan

Tuareg Tea in the Sahara | Timbuktu | Mali by Sebastien Lenelle, via Flickr

Hot tea poured in to glass from high above. North African tea time in the Sahara desert

COSTUME PLANET: Melhfa : Sahrawi Traditional Clothing

COSTUME PLANET: Melhfa : Sahrawi Traditional Clothing

Tea, Moroccan style. This is in the south of Morocco, down in the Sahara.

AFRICA The Tuareg are a Berber people with a traditionally nomadic pastoralist lifestyle. They are the principal inhabitants of the Saharan interior of North Africa.


A Saharawi freedom fighter of the Polisario Front in a valiant struggle against Moroccan aggression and annexation.

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Campo Profughi Saharawi di Dakhla.Ragazza saharawi .  The refugee camp of Dakhla.Saharawi Women.

Campo Profughi Saharawi di Dakhla.Ragazza saharawi . The refugee camp of Dakhla.Saharawi Women.

The Saharawi refugee camp Smara..Sahrawi woman

The Saharawi refugee camp Smara.

Bedouin Family, Western Sahara - this is the way I remember tea being made in Guinea, south of the Sahara, in this type of teapot, and using this type of glasses.

Bedouin woman pours tea with child in her lap in Bir Lahlou. UN Photo/Evan Schneider 21 June 2003 Bir Lahlou, Western Sahara Photo # 22017