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This bunny looks like a stuffed toy!

you are too cute bunny. too bad bunnies aren't cuddly like some cats.

Bunny disapproves of late posts - October 9, 2012

Bunny Disapproves of Late Posts

Bunny disapproves of late posts - October 2012 Oh, do I recognize that look!

Bunny . . . . . with bed head!

Anthony: For my thumbnail sketches i was inspired by bunny rabbits because some breeds of bunny's had floppy ears and i decided to add floppy ears to one of my thumbnails

Playing In The Snow for the first time

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Bunny Eating Raspberries Ends Up With Unintentional Coat of Lipstick (VIDEO)

21 Reasons Why Bunnies Are Actually The Best Pets - They look great with red lipstick

I think I wuv this wabbit.  I do. I do.

This is the cutest bunny rabbit I've ever seen. I just want to squeeze it to death it's so cute!

Leo the lop

pretty sure I need a baby bunny with these precious floppy ears.

Muffin |  white rabbit

Muffin | white rabbit

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Pick: Funny Singing Bunny Of The Day

Yawning bunny: cutest thing ever, you'd have to be a bunny owner to understand!