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UGH I want all of this furniture. one day my whole house will be decorated with victorian/gothic black furniture.

Oh... My... God.... Thank you lauren for finding my darkest dream bed ever! Itll go great with my skulls n stars bedroom decor! ( red, black n white) perfection this is!

Royal Fortune Montespan Bed - Black

Royal Fortune Montespan Bed-Yes please! This is the most gorgeous bed I've ever seen! My dream bed!

Sillón estilo victoriano tapizado y pintado de negro

Royal Armchair Black: Relax on your very own throne with this modern, baroque-inspired piece.

Öncesi /Sonrası, Koltuk yenileme

Semra hanımın 12 ve 40 yıllık koltuklardan yenilediği harika takımı..

Öncesi /Sonrası, Koltuk yenileme

a throne for the king.......or Queen.

Do you love the look of gothic furniture? The Royal Armchair, Black Velvet is a spooky chic chair that brings a sense of mystery and fun to any home! This Victorian inspired design will be a real treat to your decor!

holzschaukel luxuriös indisches design

Ausgelesene Holzschaukel Designs für Ihre Gartengestaltung

I found 'Belle de Fleurs Sofa by Fabulous & Baroque' on Wish, check it out!

gorgeous black fancy couch, baroque furniture, shinny black trim, in salon waiting room, luv it so much!