Do you remember when all you wanted for Christmas was a walkman? #throwback #thursday

Do you remember when all you wanted for Christmas was a walkman? #throwback #thursday

Triciclo, era lo más habitual y afortunado el que lo tenia en los años 80.

remember my four year old brother running away on one of these lol

Before I learnt the word 'delete'

Tippex, I like to use tippex, I like to lick tippex but most of all I like to smell.the tippex 😂😂😂😂 My god that was so funny I was in middle.

for the school !

Collapsible plastic drinking cups - yep, Mama kept them in the glove compartment

Who remembers the days of saving information on floppy disks.

25 Awesome Experiences Today's Kids Will Never Understand

I found my box of floppy disks like 6 years ago, bought an external floppy drive, and found out that all my disks needed to be defragmented… talk about a FML moment!

[Série TV] Les Gummies

So many "G" words to choose from and today I decided on Gummi Bear . Definition: A Gummi bear (also spelled as gummy bear ) is a small.

Tamagoshi!! oh souvenir souvenir

Mon enfance dans les 90s VS celle de ma cousine aujourd’hui

Bandai rolls out new Tamagotchi Music Star designs, earplugs not included

Le camion porteur Fisher Price de mon petit frère

Fisher Price my brother rode this! - I had so much fun with him. I remember exploring the world!

Estufa de bombona para entrar en calor cada invierno

Eighties stove. La misma estufa que tenían mis abuelos.

Le minitel... il n'y en n'avait pas à la maison, c'était bien trop moderne ;)

Le top 50 des années 80