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Africa |  Surma tribesmen, Omo Valley, Ethiopia.  © Hans Silvester...http://blackberrycastlephotographytm.zenfolio.com/p583897559

To experience meeting the Surma tribesmen, Omo Valley, Ethiopia. Deep in the bush, Ethiopia’s lower Omo Valley is a lost world. The Surma have elevated the custom of body painting to an amazing art form.

A Bodi woman - Salamago District, Omo Valley. Ethiopia. By Ingetie Tadros

Portrait of a Bodi woman in Salamago District of Omo Valley, Ethiopia

Kyrgyz ak sakal.

shogunushuaia: by Nikolay Postnikov, Kazakhstan large birds EAGLES< hawks

Dessanech Woman, Omerate, Ethiopia | photo by Rod Waddington

Africa, Dessanech woman from Omo Valley, Ethiopia. The buildings behind the woman are sorghum silos. The gourd on her head is for carrying water.

Nyangatom skirts Ethiopia | Made with animal skin, sorry PET… | Flickr

Nyangatom skirts - Ethiopia by Eric Lafforgue. Nyangatom people live on the Omo river banks in south Ethiopia. They are both in Sudan and Ethiopia.

Africa | Maasai girl, Maasai Mara National Park, Kenya. | ©Jim Zuckerman

Maasai girl, Maasai Mara National Park, Kenya by Jim Zuckerman ~ i miss the maasai people so badly.

Bye, thanks for visiting us and remember our people ... | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

The Rendille tribe inhabits the arid region of northern Kenya. Just like the Borana, they are classified under the broad Eastern Cushitic peoples and have Ethiopia as their original homeland.