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Artist: 大葱君 (http://weibo.com/yojyo) // this might be based on the live-action movie!

bare shoulders blonde hair blue blue dress blue eyes breasts butterfly cinderella cinderella (disney) cleavage crystal dainegikun dress eyelashes frills gem glitter glowing gown hair up hairband hands highres lipstick makeup parted lips realistic red

Cinderella, making her bed - I need her kind of motivation to make my bed each morning

Cinderella, making her bed, because we all do ballet when we make the bed. I'm sure doing the fitted sheet looks like ballet with birds.

Every girl wants to make an entrance like this just once in her life. In a dress like that. On a night like that...

Disney's Cinderella Every girl wants to make an entrance like this just once in her life. On a starry night like that.

How lovely it would beIf I could live my fantasy  Ladies of Disney → Cinderella

Disney Princess: Recreate 8 of the princess scenes in the forest. Cinderella use white or light blue dress, clear heels, Him in a black suit.

Cinderella dress designs by * Jenny Chung* -- I particularly like the second and fourth designs.

Absolutely adorable designs from Jenny Chung, especially the second one, that's a gorgeous ball gown, and the fourth one which is a super cute lolita design.

cinderella.. Cenicienta (Lily James) y el Príncipe (Richard Madden) - Cenicienta (2015)

Match The Disney Princess To Her Prince