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Test : HiFiMAN EF-100


Marantz PM6005

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Woo Audio WA7 Fireflies Pure Class-A tube headphone amplifier with 32-Bit, 192K USB Digital-to-Analog Converter

Discover Woo Audio Gen Fireflies Vacuum Tube Headphone Amplifier & DAC - for audiophiles

Woo Audio WA2 Single Ended OTL Headphone Amp & Preamp

The Woo Audio is a high performance headphone amplifier and preamp that's perfect for even the most power hungry headphones. It uses a singled-ended triode, 'Class A' all-tube-drive OTL (output transformer-less) design for pristine sound quality.

valhalla tube headphone amp + bifrost dsp

Valhalla by Schiit is a single-ended triode OTL headphone amplifier. If you are a Hi-Fi fan you know what does it mean, and if you're not the explanation is simple: Valhalla is a great headphones amplifier with a warm tube sound.

Headphones amplifier

Headphones amplifier

Sony PAH-2 digital converter and headphone amplifier.

This little Sony will pump up the sound of your headphones

The new Sony portable headphone amplifier is the first portable DAC/amplifier to be compatible with virtually every high-resolution digital file form