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Superman Redesign by morphews.  I'm not a big fan of Superman but I am a big fan of this redesign.

Superman Redesign by morphews. Never mind the jeans and sneakers, this is how you redesign Superman.

Superman 2: The Quest for an Outfit That Works by xshaunx.deviantart.com on @deviantART

We decided to come up with this article which will contain some marvelous superhero redesign fan art examples which are also compete with the existing design.

daily-superheroes: “Superman Redesign by Aaron Nakahara http://daily-superheroes.tumblr.com ”

daily-superheroes: “Superman Redesign by Aaron Nakahara- sweet


Full captain marvel power to stay captain marvel till he said Shazam. Greg then would have to wait 1 hr to use his powers again.

I am sorry, but why in the flying fuck would SUPERMAN, the guy who has been crushed between planets, hit in the face with a supernova, and all sorts of other insane thing NEED FUCKING ARMOR?! that aside, if you ditch the stupid shoulder pads, it's not all that bad

Here is my unsuccessful Superman: Man of style entry for the Project Rooftops competition. I was happy with it - guess the judges weren't Superman