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Samhain --- Hecate guards the three way crossroads. She guides those who journey between the worlds, both the living and the dead; and the wheel turns. (by Wendy Andrew)

This woman has some very nice stuff. And the whole site is very interesting.

In searching for Tarot cards I came a cross a beautiful one from a Fairy Deck that had a picture depicting Samhain.

Samhain Crow : Jaine Rose. "eight Wheel of the Year cards that incorporate totem creatures and celebrate the Divine Feminine. Samhain Crow welcomes in the beginning of the dark winter time, honouring Dark Mother and death with all her labyrinthine mystery. "

"eight Wheel of the Year cards that incorporate totem…

Yule Witch | The "Perfect" Halloween Witch Rag Doll

Here is the Christmas Witch -- part of my ongoing "Creepy Christmas" collection for Dolls designed for those of us who like the darker side of lif. The Christmas Witch

Druids Trees:  #Green #Man.

A beautiful Samhain sabbat greetings card designed by Christopher Bell. The card is blank inside for your own message.

Cerridwen by Dan Goodfellow

Cyrridven- Mother of Taliesin and brewer of the Awen ( divine inspiration) on the shores of Lake Bala.

"The celebration of Samhain (pronounced in proper Gaelic: 'sow-in') came from the Celtic peoples many centuries ago. It's a time which is thought to be when the division between the living and the dead was at its thinnest. Meaning denizens of the afterlife could communicate or even cross over back to the land of the living. The celebration of this day comes from trying to appease the dead. Cernunos--the Forest Lord in all his autumn finery--cape of various autumn leaves, crimson mask and…

The celebration of Samhain (pronounced in proper Gaelic: 'sow-in') came from the Celtic peoples many centuries ago.

Samhain @Tessa McDaniel A Hearth & Home Goddess Wannabe

In the nights ahead, everyone have a safe and blessed Samhain. Ring the bells, light the candles and stoke the fires.

chiusi celtica - Bing images

My favorite day of the year! Samhain, (pronounced SOW-in, SAH-vin, or SAM-hayne) means "End of Summer", and is the third and final Harvest. The dark winter half of the year commences on this Sabbat.