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THE JACK-O-LANTERN - VIDEO When we think of Jack-o-Lanterns today we think of the carved pumpkins with candles lighting them brightly from within; but did you know that the Jack-o-Lantern actually has deep historical roots and originally didn't even involve a pumpkin? Read more...http://bit.ly/1DD6ZzM #jackolantern

The Jack-O-Lantern - Video

skeleton dance party

Don't Even Say It! 15 Questions That No Teacher Wants To Hear

spooky animated gif horror characters and victims

These Stereoscopic GIFs of Horror Characters Are Terrifyingly Cool

Creepy Lenticular GIFs Showcase Monsters, Villains, Heroes And Victims

Download Animated 240x400 «Skull» Cell Phone Wallpaper. Category: Fantasy

Download Animated 240x400 «Skull» Cell Phone Wallpaper. Category: Fantasy

Scary Evil Eyes | little chase, huh?”. Crazy dizzy looking but super cool. Great to have on your door on Halloween night.

Memories of a Madman

To his surprise, “Powderfinger” did not strike, instead the creature, gently slid a fingertip over his cheek and with the precision of a surgeons scalpel, carved a three inch split in his face.

The worst one yet!

“I was the special children’s clown to Rusty Westchester’s Traveling Carnival. But not the freaks.” American Horror Story: Freak Show Created by.