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Clint Eastwood has such a wonderful face

Today it is time to speak about Clint Eastwood 's style. Clint Eastwood is a well known American film actor, director and producer.

Clint Eastwood (b. May 31, 1930)

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lieber tim, der bob ist etwas konservativ. eben eine andere generation. vielleicht magst du ihn trotzdem. ich würde mich freuen.

in the eye of the beholder: the most beautiful men and women of the movies - Movie List

Gerard Depardieu

DEPARDIEU by jean-philippe piter - Gérard Xavier Marcel Depardieu is a French actor, filmmaker, businessman and vineyard owner. He is one of the most prolific character actors in film history, having completed approximately 170 movies since

Klaus Kinsky

Klaus Kinski: I knew there were in myself the souls of millions of people who lived centuries ago; not just people but animals plants the elements things even matter. All of these exist in me.

Jane Fonda - "Barbarella" - Roger Vadim  (1968)


Incredibly kitsch, incredibly funny and slightly naughty summer movie fun, a sci-fi than is much cleverer and more surreally artistic than just a film for indulging an obsession with its sex kitten screen idol Jane Fonda - "Barbarella" - Roger Vadim