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¿Habías visto caracoles color lila en tu jardín? ¡Wwooow!

Beautiful Purple Snail – When nature and creatures create a colorful display. I never thought I'd think a snail was pretty!

Blue lumaca

Photos: Snails of Cuba

The shells of the Cuban Painted Snails have an amazing array of colors. The way they come together when they mate is an amazing pattern of life.

Lady Bugs On Flowers

2 lady birds (lady bugs) meet up.or it could be one ladybird and one man bird(or bug!whatever, they're meeting each other and it's a beautiful experience and a beautiful photo:))

Just as beautiful as the meaning of butterfly. The butterfly- The butterfly represents the resurrection into a glorious new life free of material restrictions. R.I.P Aunt Patty <3

Purple Butterflies Photos - My favorite color and my favorite animal (insect). I love butterflies.

vmishchenko.com  Vycheslav Mishchenko-Photographer, Artist

With 25 Photos, This Man Completely Changed Everything I Knew About THIS Tiny Creature.Like a scene from a fairytale, stunning photography Vyacheslav Mishchenko

how long do snails sleep ? amazing photos and pictures of snails and shells.

Если стать на колени, можно увидеть удивительный мир у себя под ногами! <> magicalnaturetour: Photo by D Raw

Small Blue Mushroom & Two visitors A Ladybug & A Snail - Amazing Pictures, Images, Photography from Travels All Aronud the World

Rhinocochlis sp., one of the most beautiful snails we've found on Borneo.

Rhinocochlis nasuta is a species of air-breathing land snails, terrestrial pulmonate

Macro Photography...the stunning colors of a snail on a leaf

⭐ Stunning colors captured in the photo-macrograph of a snail on a leaf. Photo by avmaier ⭐