"Bleeding" sand art

Behold "Bleeding," an absolutely incredible sand sculpture by Quebec City-based artist Guy-Olivier Deveau.

World Championships 2003, Bronze and Sculptors Choice Medals. Sand sculpture by Carl Jara

Your sand castle was just trumped: World Championships Bronze and Sculptors Choice Medals. Sand sculpture by Carl Jara

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a sand sculpture of a sand dragon eating a sand sculpture that was making a sand castle.

At First Glance I Thought An Elephant Fell Asleep On The Beach, But Then A Closer Look… Wow!,http://www.eyeopening.info/?p=9574

View the Couple makes massive sand sculptures around the globe photo gallery on Yahoo News. Find more news related pictures in our photo galleries.

Escultura de areia.

Summer time brings vacations at the beach and time to create with sand. Time for building a sand castle or going to a sandcastle contest. Time to view some awesome sand art sculptures! Here is: HE'S got the whole world in HIS hands!

This made me laugh Sand Sculpt by Villafane

Water, Sand and Skill : The Magnificent Sand Sculpture

Sculptures - Water, Sand and Skill : The Magnificent Sand Sculpture

hecho con perchas. nahhhhhh. para mi amiga sol lua

Ever look at your closet and see all those empty coathangers hanging from the racks? David Mach, a sculpture and installation artist, creates gorgeous art from wire coathangers.

pedo toro

Sculpture By Chen Wenling. This sculpture “What You See Might Not Be Real” is made by Chinese artist Chen Wenling. It depicts the Ponzi schemer (Bernard Madoff) as bull, devil who has sentenced to 150 yeas in prison. The bull that looks strong and is .

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Most Amazing Sand Sculptures Anyone who has ever been to the beach has probably tried to sculpt a simple sand structure of some sort.

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Sand dolphin sculptures - Cool art -- amazing dolphin sculptures created from sand on the beach.