dream garden

dream garden

Those beautiful English gardens and brick/stone structures

Gresgarth Hall gardens, Lancashire is a garden with 12 acres; The gardens of designer Arabella Lennox-Boyd.


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Felbrigg Gardens

Felbrigg Gardens

God gives us a vision, and then he takes us down to the valley to batter us into the shape of that vision. - Oswald Chambers

View of sunken garden with roses and pansies in foreground - Knowle Farmhouse Summer Story (This will be the backyard with the gate leading to the stables)

Dekor és Mentha: Virágzó veteményes

chez Piers Newth et Louise Allen à Little Haseley

You could do something similar to these balls in Brisbane with Westringia varieties. The Cotswolds UK - Helen Correll

Quite fancy a little sculpture to bling our garden. (The Cotswolds UK - Helen Correll)