by Artist Lucie Hardie Great Life, Great Death Ink on cotton paper 2013

Alessia Iannetti

Alessia Iannetti “Lieve”- “Poltergeist”- “Until we Disappear”- “White Noise” Tiny works on coasters for “Beer is Art”, from till of September LA LUZ DE JESUS Gallery, Los Angeles.

ex0skeletal:  by Caitlin Hackett

Huginn and Muninn, Odins Ravens - Caitlin Hackett viking norse art crow

Morrigan - Celtic Goddess of War, part of the triple goddess Morrigan along with Badb and Macha. Also known as Anu, Mor Righ Anu. Takes the form of a raven and flies over battlefields and choose who will die, taking their souls to the otherworld

Illustration Rally: Artist 138: Zagny S. Ormut-Durbin

Illustration Rally: Artist Zagny S.

Resultado de imagem para tim lowly art

Resultado de imagem para tim lowly art


Animal Beauty – The colorful and captivating creations of Gabriel Moreno