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Fotografía: Pascale Albrand.

Reflection of Bare Trees with Colourful Leaves Floating in the Rain Puddle ~~ biancamariaxx: Reflets D’Automne by Pascale Albrand

Beech row

Looking up at the top of the trees. Love the path of space that's created where no tree branches are. Art by nature.


Pale White, Whisper

The aim of life is to live, and to live means to be aware, joyously, drunkenly, serenely, aware.  ~ Henry Miller

"Paradise in the fog Sun-Moon Lake," Taiwan; Photo by -- passer-by F.

A beautiful sunrise over the Sonoran Desert in Arizona. Reminds me of my many travels to Tucson -- albeit not under the most ideal of circumstances, the desert gave me some solace and I learned to appreciate its beauty.

Sonoran Sunrise: A beautiful sunrise over the Sonoran Desert in Arizona. by Saija Lehtonen

Indian Summer Moon Dance 9 X 12 Fine Art Print by BornBarefoot, $15.00

Fine Art Photography by Born Barefoot Photography TITLE ~ Indian Summer Moon Dance. Its a marvellous night for a Moon Dance. One wonderful summer moon leading us into the Fall.