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Clydesdale Shire

The majestic Shire - I love shire horses - you don't see them around any more but I remember going to the farm park when I was young and seeing them!


Clydesdale horse and child. I absolutely adore Clydesdales. such gentle giants

Gypsy Vanner a small draught (draft) breed native to the British Isles

Macdonald Germany How would you like this color pattern? I think this is the prettiest horse I have ever seen. And it's a Gypsy.-->My reg paint has this coloring!

Love this

Love this

It would look pretty with blue eyes

Gypsy Vanner In my dreams as a kid, I rode a black horse with a white mane & tail - it took my breath away!

Big boy Little girl

Little girl bareback on great big horse! Brave little girl and gentle giant.

Be THAT girl

I just bought an Buckskin Andalusian colt. I hope he turns out this beautiful.

Gypsy Vanner Horse

Gypsy Vanner Horse, beautiful animal,,,love its leggings and extended hair!