Pala con botella plastica                                                       …

DIY: Milk Jug Scoop For The Garden A handy potting soil scoop can be made from a half-gallon milk jug. Just trace the design you want and cut it out with scissors or a utility knife.

DIY-hanging garden from old soda bottles. Recycle and Garden at the same time.

DIY Plastic Bottle Hanging Plant Vase DIY Plastic Bottle Hanging Plant Vase by diyforever very cool idea

Make a simple DIY vase using a plastic 2 liter bottle and an old CD. Neat idea. I couldn't find any directions for this though, so I'm not sure how they cut the design for the top of the vase or what kind of glue and paint would work best. I like that you can keep/make holes for water to drain very easily in these.

Recycling : Simple Plastic Bottle Vase, great idea for a base to a centerpiece…use an old CD.

DIY : Plastic Bottle Napkin Holder

Upcycle plastic containers (spray / detergent bottles) into baskets, gift bags, containers, etc. Maybe larger square gallon jugs for holding craft supplies or keeping small things together in the closet, or.

With bottles

At first I thought it looked like half a pineapple! But the idea is really cool; recycle wine bottles to make a passive solar warmed planter. One problem.where to get that many wine bottles!


Greenhouse roof made from plastic soda bottles! I love the recycling benefits

Diy : Plastic Bottle Water Filter ....

DIY water filtration device with a soda bottle and a water filter. Very clever re-purpose for the bottle.