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They only love you

Title: A Place in the Sun Magazine: Vogue UK May 2011 Model: Dree Hemingway Photographer: Tom Craig Stylist: Bay Garnett

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sorrel horse color The chart below shows examples of some of the most common colors.

horse quote... thoughts on riding! Wish my boy was closer to me! Soon! Soon I promise!

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You never grow out of it! Hens Horses & Homesteading #henshorseshomesteading #horsefunnies #funnyhorses #horses #lovehorses

So funny and cute.and also so true! I guess I just never grew out of my obsessed with horses phase.

Horse lovers, "We lose ourselves in the things we love. We find ourselves there too." - Kristen Martz

"We lose ourselves in the things we love. We find ourselves there too." - Kristen Martz This quote is on the back of my business card!

Our Hearts Will Always Beat As One❤️

Certified in EAGALA, Horse Sense uses Equine therapy to help participants gain an understanding of self and their relationships to others through non-riding interactive, experiential learning activities with horses. Many bosses are turning to equine thera

Bareback <3

I ride bareback, I love it much more than the saddle. You won't get saddle sore (or at least not as bad) You can feel your horses movements before they even do it are one with the horse, you can be as free as them

If I picked my horses feet regularly, this might be a good little boost for me each day....

Equestrian Miss Manners II: Talking to Show Management


Horses, crazy things happen when swept away by the fantasy of being with a horse

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My favourite smell is manure, hay, grain, dust and saddle soap. My friends who live in town's favourite smell is money and perfume. I'm happy with the old barn smell!

Before hearing him he feels him in his     heart and his horse the same

A good rider can hear his horse speak to him. A great rider can hear his horse whisper to him. However a bad rider will not hear his horse at all, not even when he is shouting at him.