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i found this way too funny -AHS:Coven-

This scene almost made me cry I was so shocked and when Madison didn't like bring her back I wanted to flip a table. I liked the part where Kyle killed Madison tho. Fun fact: MY NAMES MADISON. Exept I ain't as bitchy as this bitch.

tate langdon and ashton irwin - Google Search

i think i have a problem. i have hybristophilia.<<<not really when it only applies to characters Evan Peters portrays.

Pls dooo daddy

Tate the psycho wish he was my friend lol is that weird?<<< I wish he was my boyfriend but I'm attracted to hot psychopaths so.

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Evan Peters as Tate behind the scene in American Horror Story: Murder House

Evan as Tate

american horror story Evan Peters acting skills are beyond his years he is one of the few actors who can make you feel for the characters and he is also one of the actors who actually look like their really crying