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How would your enemies describe you?

Which Assassin From Assassin's Creed Are You Like?

Connor Kenway model for cosplay. Good guide if you're making his assassin outfit.

• mine assassin's creed ezio auditore desmond miles Altair Ibn La'Ahad jack the ripper Clay Kaczmarek ACedit Connor Kenway Ratonhnhaké:ton aveline de grandpre haytham kenway edward kenway Nikolai Orelov shao jun Adewale assassinscreededit arno dorian shay cormac Evie Frye jacob frye lydia frye arbaaz mir Alonzo Batilla Jacques de Molay's Advisor swordofthedarkness •

Assassin’s Creed + Playable Characters“My story is one of many thousands and the world will not suffer if it ends too soon.”credits (x)(x)

Assassin Attire - Assassin's Creed Infographic

Assassin Attire - Assassin's Creed Infographic

Jacob and Evie

I have a new excuse to draw my favorite twins aka Jack the Ripper DLC for Assassin’s Creed Syndicate. This has to be the most not-happy-holidays thing I have played at the end of the year ever XD.