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In the amazing nature photos below you will discover a little bit of the most beautiful animals of the British Wildlife.

Turns out there are few things cuter than a tiny baby otter.

Cute Baby Animals Drinking From Bottles

Sea otter and baby floating.

Sea otter and baby floating.

I ❤ sea otters!

California sea otters back at Monterey Bay Aquarium - San Jose Mercury News

Baby Otters 1 Cute Baby Otters

If I were rich, I would have a pet otter, and I would have a giant otter pool for it to swim in. And I would swim in it with my amazing otter pet!

Otter Love

if you do not find otters utterly adorable, you probably do not have a soul.

Otter snuggles

dailyotter: “ Otters Have Cuddles and Kisses Via kurinoigaiga ”

Sea otters are at the top of the marsh food chain and eat large species of crabs. These crabs feed on small “micro-grazers” that help to control algae. Algae has the potential to take over an entire marine ecosystem, taking up all the water’s oxygen and blocking out sunlight for plants and animals.

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He looks like he's trying to tell the camera a secret

Meet Takechiyo, an otter living in Japan who is captivating our hearts on

"I love you Sis, give me a hug." 20 Unconventional Reasons To Be Friends With Otters.

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