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lostsaga_119.dragon slayer

Dragon Slayer is born a child of a poor local notables. Jalnagadeon once humble family, but the family is now.

Red Hood

Little Red Riding Hood is something that you heard from your mother and father since childhood.

Zhao Yun

Cor Warlord of the Lord of choknara analogy to one of the blanket alone jumped into the enemy has made ​​a distinguished military service .

Dragon Nest Assassin

Dragon Nest Assassin was a common boy. I like to joke around with friends and hang out in the mountains and in the valleys and villages he.

Magic Lancer

The Magic Lancer emerged as a popular character in the online game red jewel in Lost Saga are specialties of the window a long range attac.

Rachel Alucard

Vampire of his homebase family kinship current student quietly to the head master of a school for a long period of time from the perspecti.