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WWII Chinese Air Force Polikarpov I-153 fighter plane.

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The "Dixie Clipper", a Boeing 314 flying boat operated by Pan American, was in…

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Vietnam Helo with flying tigers noise art

Assault Helicopter Company Huey with Warhawk’s sharks-mouth paint scheme, Vietnam War

aviones de combate

[MEGAPOST] Aviones de la Segunda Guerra Mundial


Corsair - "Called by the Japanese Whispering Death" It's gull wings makes it stand apart from all other aircraft of WWII

Boeing B-25 Mitchell bomber

the same plane that Jimmy Doolittle used in his 1942 raid on Tokyo. 米 爆撃機 Mitchell

P-39 Air Cobras, Built in Weatfield new York

The Bell Airacobra was one of the principal American fighter aircraft in service when the United States entered World War II.

doyoulikevintage: “ mig 29 ”

Mikoyan Gurevich Mig 39 Berkuit Skinny Russian Spycatcher -- KINDLY NOTE >>> this is the BERKUT ("Golden Eagle") designated as the and still referred to as a technology demonstrator.

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Chinese Stealth Tech- many think China borrowed fighter technology. I also think it would be foolish not to use proven ideas. Plus if your designs can be taken the only main advantages are strategy and training. This where the majors have the edge.

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Calligraphy Alphabet : chinese alphabet letters these are representations of the English alphabet, not actually Chinese Characters that are actually used.

Chinese Military Review: Feb 27: J-20 Mighty Dragon Fighter Jet Demonstrates Its Maneuverability

Feb Mighty Dragon Fighter Jet Demonstrates Its Maneuverability