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always remember... people dont pay to move rocks, the place where they are, is usually where nature left them.

people dont pay to move rocks, the place where they are, is usually where nature left them.

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oh the walks, the fresh air, the beautiful nature! And yes this is Switzerland :) Unbelievable, I want to go up to the top!

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Nicolas Poillot Photography - In the scenic Nicolas Poillot Photography series, the most striking element about the photos is the use of empty space, devoid of anything busy and.

Waves and rocks  // Studio NOA NOIR

As I walk towards the ocean I first hear the roar of the sea and then feel the pounding of the waves. As I watch the waves come onto the shore I realize that the ocean has a mind of it's own. Never to be contained or controlled.

desperately  wish i was here. love.

I know this ocean. It's the one I swam in many times as a youth, when the afternoon began to sink closer to evening. Water lapping in my ears, sunlight hitting the surface of the saltwater.

New York–based photographer Daniel Zvereff recently got a hold of some of the last remaining stock of expired Kodak Aerochrome film in 120 format, and he took it to the Arctic.

Infrared Film Turns The Arctic Hot Pink

New York based photographer Daniel Zvereff recently purchased the last existing stock of expired Kodak Aerochrome 120 film and took it to the Arctic for a photo

Fall jewelry inspiration: the volcanic shores of Vik, Iceland /

Vik Iceland, Why It Is A MUST See

What to see in Vik Iceland! The black sand beach in Vik Iceland was unlike anything I had ever seen before and worth a day trip from Reykjavik for sure.


creativity inspiration / Awesome photography by EllenZee .Facing the storm