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Booze Tea Cup

Mom didn't drink booze at all-- in her tea or under any other circumstance. Her daughter on the other hand-- well. that's different story entirely

Can never have too many tequila and vodka tea cups

Anyone up for a tea party? / tea cups / china / tea / vodka / tequila / cute -my kinda tea party ;

It's too early for you to say things.

Gifts for coffee lovers: It's too early for you to say such things mug from Emily McDowell

Imagine serving someone tea in those cups lolll.

Vintage teacup and saucers with hand painted text in heat fused ceramic paint. Delicate little English teacups with soap star personalities- perfect for that gossip session you are planning. 3 teacups and 5 saucers. Non-toxic, food safe

This is as classy as it gets. Tea parties might be funnier than I thought......

Lol idk why, but this made me laugh just thinking about a tea party and the chicks get snooty and one just turns her cup while glaring at someone and it says "whore". I love this lol

THIS CUP IS AWESOME!! 11oz Coffee Mug  Blow me. I'm Hot  Funny Saying Mug by blushface, $16.00

Subtle hints around the office are a nice change from the usual sexual harrassment!

Cutest Cup Ever ♥ L.O.V.E.

Tiny Tea Teatox (28 day) - Tiny Teatox 28 Day / 250g