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Black silk boots with floral embroidery. Jean-Louis François Pinet, 1880s. Pinet’s footwear was famous for its extravagant embroidery, elegant styling and delicate ‘Pinet’ heel.

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Black silk boots with floral embroidery. Jean-Louis Franois Pinet, Pinets footwear was famous for its extravagant embroidery, elegant styling and delicate Pinet heel. (Bata Shoe Museum) little-bits-of-victorian-wreckage

Late 1800s boots.

A hoard of riches. — highvictoriana: Spanish opera boots, c.

Zapatos Franceses, 1920-1923

France, Pair of Woman’s Pumps, early Silk satin, leather.

Victorian Shoes - 1800's

Boots that were probably a popular design from the late century, Victorian Shoes fashion blue vintage shoes old antique victorian historical century

http://papirolascoloridas.blogspot.com.ar/search/label/20.000 VISITAS Y SCRAPBOOK VICTORIANO

Lovely pink boots by vicky




MYSTIQUE BOOTS Silvery roses entwine about supple hand-tooled leather to form a custom fit and endure a lifetime.

Summer boots, ca 1870

highvictoriana: “Red silk shoes, c. Courtesy of the Vienna Museum.

(59) Одноклассники

Use those ankle braces you can get at any pharmacy and decorate them for DIY spats!

Boots by F Pinet, ca 1885 France, LACMA

French shoes from

Resultat d'imatges de Hellstern & Sons shoes

Old fashioned button shoes (circa Mr. Ray had a shoe store in Deep Valley.


Almost exactly like georgian era slippers 150 years post. 1920 by Yantorney, a shoemaker in Paris during the first quarter of the century Carpet shoes Women's red velvet embroidered shoes. 1920 by Yantorney

Boots 1880, Made of silk, linen, and satin

Boots ~ 1880 ~ Made of silk, linen, and satin ~ Manchester Art Gallery

*...I cannot see what flowers are at my feet,/	     Nor what soft incense hangs upon the boughs,	   /But, in embalmèd darkness, guess each sweet	     /Wherewith the seasonable month endows...* [Keats/Ode To A Nightingale]

New historic shoe pinboard Shoe & Stocking, Kyoto Costume Institute.

I adore these cream and burgundy hued 1880s scalloped top boots. #Victorian #vintage #shoes

Подборка исторических платьев разных

Boots, Naples, the Met Museum. Shoes and boots during the period had pointed toes and medium high heels with ornamentation.

In 1876, John Thompson used the new medium of photography to document the difficulties of urban life in Victorian London, showing a wide ran...

Photographer: John Thomson The Independent Shoe Black [Street Life in London] 1877