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The Little Hermitage

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Cozy wool plaid blanket, fire crackling in the fireplace, and a hot cup of tea -- mmm.

Kim Korkar Kardan Kıştan? | 7/24 Kadın | Kadınlar İçin Her Şey

Kim Korkar Kardan Kıştan?

One day I want a cozy book book or a little comfortable couch by a fire place. and all I'll do there is were cozy sweaters and socks and read with some tea or hot cocoa in my hand


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لَمْ أَنَمْ .. بَعْد ..! مَازِلْتُ أُقْنِعُ وِسَادَتِيْ بَأنَّكـ كُنْت .. حُلُمَاً فِيْ رَأسِيْ ..!

Leylo-open)) Leyley could fall asleep everywhere, and today it was on top of a file cabinet. She had been working all night and decided to curl up for s quick nap, she wasn't disturbing anyone so why not?

fox and hound halloween costume

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when i see cups in the winter like these i imagine them filled with hot chocolate and marshmellows :) just like my mom makes us every year

Reading outside.

“The more I read, the more I felt connected across time to other lives and deeper sympathies. I felt less isolated." Jeanette Winterson, Why Be Happy When You Could Be Normal?

La Maison Boheme: books

So i decided I'm going to have have one room in my house dedicated to awesomely weird stuff, antiques, books, etc. Think Hogwart's Room of requirement / A. McQueen's cabinet of curiosities kinda thing.