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Inde, India, Tribe : Ethnie Bondo, Orissa (Philippe Guy) | Flickr

Inde, India, Tribe : Ethnie Bondo, Orissa (Philippe Guy) | Flickr

sacred waters by Jean-Marc Giboux

Kumbha Mela pilgrim - by Jean-Marc Giboux - the necklace/bead as protective device; Hindus believe this bead (made from the seed of the Rudaksha tree) will help one's spirit ascend higher and closer to the secrets of the cosmos.

Bonda tribe

Bonda people on the way to the weekly market at Onukadelli.

v-agabonds: Portrait of a Bonda tribal woman in traditional dress, at the weekly Thursday market held in Onkadelli, India. (by © Coole Photography)

Gadaba Tribal Woman, Orissa, India

Off the Beaten Path- Photo taken by a wonderful man who recently passed away

Champanhe com Torresmo by Cláudia Boechat: Étnico é Fashion - 21 Fotos

Jewellery traditionally worn by the Bonda women of Odisha (Orissa), India.

Bonda People in India

The Indus Valley: Mohenjo-daro, Harappa - Ancient Man and His First Civilizations

India | Portrait of a married Harijan woman. Gujarat. Harijan people originally came from Marwar in Rajasthan and they are experts in weaving wool and cotton, the Harijan women wear brightly coloured embroidered clothing and once married wear a large golden ring through their nose | © Kimberley Coole

Portrait of a woman from the Marwada Meghwal Harijan tribe wearing traditional clothing and a large golden wedding ring through her nose in the village of Bhirendiara, located roughly from Bhuj in the Kutch District.