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I love the comparisons often made between Dipper+Mabel and the Stan twins

Okay I know this is supposed to be all sentimental and touching, but honestly I can't get over that Stanly-Mabel creation! I guess it kind of looks less strange if you keep looking at it though…But amazing photo editing/drawing skills whoever did this!

"Tomorrow we’ll cry our eyes out.."

"Tomorrow we’ll cry our eyes out.."

funkyhunkygrunklestans: “cherryviolets: “Finally, now I can show you my piece for Gravity Falls countdown! Tomorrow we’ll cry our eyes out.

DON'T BE JEALOUS by meggyc on deviantART (Be jealous)

One can't help but to be at least a little bit jealous of the grappling hook. Gravity Falls (c) Disney Art by me (so hands off) DON'T BE JEALOUS

Essa imagem me lembra hetalia, tipo, sei lá kkkk qq eu to falando? Mas bem, me lembra um pouco ._.

Day I Love Gravity Falls Because - It's my fictional weird family :') Alex Hirsch created a wonderful story that made me laugh, cry, gasp, scream, and be at the edge of my seat.

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