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Rainbow lorikeets     (Australia, Queensland area, Indonesia.  Lives in rainforests, coastal areas, woodlands)

amazing photo of cute & colorful feathered friends (rainbow lorikeets) by Leslie Smitheringale of Redlands, Queensland Australia


White-bellied Parrot, in aviculture often referred to as the White-bellied Caique

The prettier the bird the louder and more obnoxious they can be.

Sun Conure ~ Parrot native to northeastern South America by *giselleukardi. Such a beautiful bird.

Beautiful colors!

Beautiful love birds - birds and fish, nature's most colorful animals on the face of the earth.thank you God

Indigo bunting

Dear Indigo bunting, Your fluffs are fantastic. You never forget seeing an indigo bunting! This color is gorgeous

Greater Flamingos (Phoenicopterus roseus) in the Camargue, France by Lumir Koutnik.

Flamingos are large pink or red-colored wading birds known for their long legs. The word "flamingo" comes from the Spanish and Latin word "flamenco" which…

FOTOFRONTERA: Las imágenes más hermosas del mundo 2011 (Parte 4)

To Aztecs Mayans: "god of the air." Feathers used by Mayans as money. Now the National Bird of Guatemala, who's currency is still called the "quetzal.

Rainbow Lorikeet                                                                                                                                                      Mais

took this photo of a cheeky Rainbow Lorikeet, and as you can see it's very clear where these colourful birds got their name from! These unmistakable birds can be found in coastal regions across northern and eastern Australia.

De tweede ochtend al wordt gewekt door vogeltjes.... Love it!

Baby kookaburra-"kookaburra sits in the old gum tree, merry merry king of the fishers he, laugh kookaburra, laugh kookaburra, gay your life must be" I got to hear one when I was in Australia.

Roseate Cockatoo or Galah

Galah /ɡəˈlɑː/, Eolophus roseicapilla, also known as the rose-breasted cockatoo, galah cockatoo, roseate cockatoo or pink and grey.


This is such a sweet picture. I would love to have a bird or birds. So would my cat. That's why I don't have any birds.i think these are love birds.i used to have them as pets.they're smart and cute