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Jennifer Zeuner Jewelry Integrate Diamond Eye Bracelet, shopbop - $165

Integrate Diamond Eye Bracelet

Bittersweet/Maria Shireen  The Most Chic Way to Wear a Hair Tie on Your Wrist

Carry a hair elastic on your wrist in a way that’s elegant AND keeps your wrist indent-free.

Shashi Neon Nugget Bracelet | SHOPBOP

Neon Nugget Bracelet

Shashi Neon Nugget Bracelet | SHOPBOP

the bracelet you'll never take off

I love that there is only one jewel. I make bracelets with this same idea with hemp string and one jewel. Guess I'm on the right track as far as style ;

Orly Genger by Jaclyn Mayer Delaney Choker $203.00

Delaney Choker